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We don’t like comparisons as we’re in another league (kidding…) – it’s the first full-body plug and play chamber made entirely in the USA.

The Olympic Cryo chamber offers easy installation, easy movement, USA-made, USA service, robustness, and ease of use.

The cost ranges based on location, but our calculations show it between $180-220 per month.

Yes, there is an option for remote control and cooling.

Yes, however, for safety reasons, we would prefer you to have an operator nearby.


It produces 62-65 decibels of noise, which is comparable to a normal conversation between 60-70 decibels.

Yes, the chamber can accommodate two people.

It’s a head-in unit.

Yes, please request it at the time of placing the order.

It accommodates individuals up to 6’9 feet, but if you need something custom, we would be happy to accommodate.

The cryo chamber drops the participant’s skin surface temperature between -30 to -45 degrees.

Just depends on what you want exactly, but as we make them, we’re always open to hearing your ideas.

Yes, the intensity level can be adjusted.

Within our parameters, yes.

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We always recommend appropriate attire when inside the chamber, as it’s very cold! So socks, slippers, gloves, boxers/briefs, sports bra, and ear covers.

We always recommend appropriate attire when inside the chamber, as it’s very cold! So socks, slippers, gloves, boxers/briefs, sports bra, and ear covers.

No, but if someone finds it bothersome, we recommend a face mask as it is cold air.

The cryo chamber can fit in a 7×7 ft room.

Yes, it was designed to fit through a standard doorway.

Two main things are:

  • Electrical (single and three-phase 220V options available)
  • Extracting the 1kw of heat produced by the unit. We provide a vent for customers who need it.

Yes, we do recommend, based on your room size, ducting out the heat.

A trained technician from Olympic Cryo or one of our staff members will install it.


The lead time varies, so please call us as this changes weekly. However, we produce multiple units at a time to speed up orders.

We provide on-site training and have videos that clients can access.


We recommend spacing sessions out by 10-12 minutes per session.

Market average is 15 sessions per day.

While this depends on the environment (humidity, heat, air conditioning), we have tested running 40-50 sessions a day.

The recovery time is 10-12 minutes, unless you purchase our “Secret sauce,” which reduces the recovery time to 6 minutes.

No, customers can experience a completely silent session or listen to music.

It’s a head-in unit.

It takes 45 minutes to 1 hour and 15 minutes to cool down.

We recommend one at the end of each day with the door open.

The ambient temperature inside a room can affect it. That is why we recommend customers follow our recommendations.

It can run all day. However, during our testing, we have taken it to extremes and run it for days straight. We, however, don’t recommend doing that.

Sales and Service Terms

“What isn’t?” is the question! Everything… Learn more on the Guarantee page.

Yes, future system software updates are free.

Yes, 100%! In Washington, USA.

Yes, we have technicians across the whole of the USA, including the islands.

Yes, absolutely! Service is hugely important to us.

Yes, we offer in-house financing options.